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General Liability

Coverage Description:

The policy will protect the club and its members, board members, officers and directors against bodily injury and property damage to a third party which results from a club sponsored activity.

Liability lawsuits are on the rise with attorneys seeking larger awards. Your club needs protection to pay for legal defense in case of a claim. The risk is very real – get insurance for your club today.

We write a variety of policies for dog clubs and specialize in creating programs such as dogs shows, agility trials, and dock diving to name a few.

Special Feature: Coverage is included for non-owned personal property rented or loaned to the club for use in a dog show, up to a maximum of $25,000

No breed exclusions

Annual Premiums for AKC© Clubs starting at $600.00

The AKC© program includes Accidental Death or Disablement

Coverage Description:

Provides coverage for accidental injuries sustained by members, volunteers, officials, and/or judges while under the supervision or direction of an insured AKC© affiliated Club at an AKC© sponsored and/or Club sponsored event.


$40,000 Death Benefit
$40,000 Permanent Disability
$10,000 Medical Expense Limit, subject to a $100 Deductible

This is a summary only and does not change or alter the coverage as provided under the actual insurance policy. It is designed to give a summary of coverage only. All policies are subject to the actual policy provisions, conditions and exclusions.