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Trusted by animal professionals and organizations for over 30 years.

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Who We Are

The Top Provider of Equine and Canine Insurance Since the 1990s

Whether you are jumping a horse to a blue ribbon or leading a dog to the top of the winner’s podium, Equisure protects the animal industry’s top professionals and organizations with comprehensive, competitive, and customizable insurance policies.

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Our history 

For over 30 years, Equisure Inc. has been there.

From the horse show arenas to the agility ring, Equisure Inc. has provided specialty insurance coverage for horse and dog risks alike. 

Until 1989, the need for various kinds of insurance coverage for members of US Equestrian (formerly USEF), was hard to find, if it was available at all. For the thousands of members who participate in horse shows and who own and train horses, there was a real need for a better-priced equine insurance package that was not being met.

So, Equisure was created to fill that insurance void in the equestrian industry and has been the chosen agency for equestrians nationwide ever since. 

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our history

With the early success of Equisure’s various insurance policies for horse owners and competitors, we expanded our services in 1994 to include insurance coverage for national dog clubs like the American Kennel Club© (AKC). 

Today, Equisure Inc. is well known among horse and dog enthusiasts, retail agents and brokers for our knowledge and insurance expertise. Because we understand the passion, the risk, and the sport of our customers, we have responded with specialty insurance policies for owners, associations, and their affiliates. 

In 2021, Equisure Inc. joined Amwins Group, Inc. (“Amwins”), a global distributor of specialty insurance products and services, to expand the company’s reach while sharing our passion. With this mutual partnership, Equisure Inc. strives to bring expertise and up-to-date insurance solutions to new customers and markets. 

Our services

Top Insurance Products for Top Animal Professionals and Organizations

Equisure Inc. offers many liability policies, including professional, general, directors and officers, crime, personal equine and cyber insurance.  We also provide horse mortality/major medical, livestock coverage and other customized policies to meet the unique needs of horse and dog organizations and enthusiasts. 

We are proud of our niche products and exceptional customer service. With three decades of customer loyalty forged from providing our clients “peace of mind,” we know how to speak your language. 



When you choose Equisure, we're on your team.

Our emphasis on underwriting excellence and prestigious reputation in the animal industry puts us a league ahead. Work with us to find the perfect solution for your client's horse, dog, or livestock pursuits.

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