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About Us

For over 30 years, Equisure Inc. has been there. From the horse show arenas in Wellington, Florida to the floor of Madison Square Garden’s famous dog show, Equisure Inc. has provided specialty insurance coverage for horse and dog owners alike.

Until 1989, the need for various kinds of insurance coverage for members of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), formerly the American Horse Show Association was hard to find, if it was available at all. For the thousands of members who participate in horse shows and who own and train horses, there was a real need for a better priced equine insurance package that wasn’t being met.

That’s why 30 years ago, Equisure Inc. was created to fulfill that insurance void in the equestrian industry, and has been the chosen agency for equestrians nationwide ever since.

With the early success of Equisure’s various insurance packages for horse owners and competitors, they expanded their services in 1994 to include insurance coverage for national dog clubs like the AKC (the American Kennel Club).

Today, Equisure Inc. is well known among horse and dog owners as the insurance agency that understands the passion and the sport of its customers, and has responded with specialty insurance products for owners, associations, and their affiliates.

Equisure Inc. provides an array of professional liability, general liability, and directors and officer’s liability for clubs and organizations. We also provide horse mortality/major medical, as well as crime and additional coverage customized to meet the unique needs of horse and dog enthusiasts.

We are proud of our competitive rates and exceptional customer service. With over two decades of customer loyalty forged from providing our clients “peace of mind,” we speak your language.

Call our office today to connect with an agent who knows how to listen and understands your passion for horses or dogs. We will customize an insurance plan or package to meet your specific needs and there is no obligation to receive a quote.

If you are a licensed Broker or insurance agent, call us and we’ll tailor a policy that will address your client’s passion – whether it’s jumping a horse to a blue ribbon or leading a dog to the top of the winner’s podium. After all, we’ve been in the show ring for 30 years!


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