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Frequently Asked Questions – Equine Mortality

The premium is based on a percentage of the agreed value to be insured and also depends upon the horse’s age, breed and discipline. Our rates range from 2.9% to 4.5% depending on the circumstances mentioned above.
If a horse is over 15 years old, it is considered to be over age. Over age horses may be insurable at higher rates and/or limited coverages.
It depends on the severity of the condition. We will review the condition and medical report from your vet with our vets and make a determination based on the circumstances surrounding the case. In some cases it will be a temporary exclusion and in others it will be permanent.
It is the value determined by you and Equisure based on purchase price, show records, training, sibling, Sire, dam and other relevant data. Once agreed to, there are no further questions in the event of a death claim with the exception of questions related to foul play.
Yes, by providing the proper documentation and show records we will increase the value at any time during the policy period.
This is the alternative method of insuring a horse. Under this method the insurance company will determine the value at the time of death. There is no guarantee that the amount paid will be the same as indicated on the insurance policy as the amount insured. There is a guarantee that it will not be for more than the amount on the insurance schedule.
All Risk Mortality (ARM) covers accidental death or death by an illness. We also cover 100% of the value for theft and 100% for a humane destruction.


Frequently Asked Questions – Professional Equine/Trainers Liability

Yes, the coverage is worldwide and covers you on your own property or while you freelance at other facilities, but the suit must be brought in the United States.
No, they don’t, unless you’re transporting to and from a horse show relating to your professional activity.
There’s no charge, but the request must be sent to Equisure in writing.
Yes, for an additional annual premium per assistant we can add assistants as long as they are working under your direct supervision. If the assistant has their own clientele and receives direct payment from their customers with no instruction from you, they’ll need their own policy.
Yes, with an additional premium you and your partner can share our professional liability policy.
There is no deductible
It’s effective as soon as we receive your completed application and premium payment by mail or fax. If you’ve had a previous claim, your application will be reviewed by underwriting.
Yes, there’s a $50,000 limit for animals in your care, custody, and control, and higher limits available for an additional premium.
Yes. You can purchase higher limits by completing the application and sending it to us to rate. We can write up to $5,000,000 on the primary policy.