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Dog Club Insurance

Could Your Club Survive a Liability Claim?

In today’s litigious society no organization or individual is immune from allegations of being liable for their actions. Accidents involving injury to spectators or participants can arise out of club activities. Directors and Officers can be held accountable for a loss which allegedly results from their decisions and acts on behalf of the club. Is your club prepared to pay a claim? Even if you are not found to be legally liable, defense costs can be significant.

If your club is affiliated with The American Kennel Club© we have developed two economical group insurance programs. These programs were designed to be affordable and to help meet the liability needs of AKC© affiliated clubs and their Directors and Officers. We have had a stable market and been underwriting these clubs for 25 years.

If your dog club is not an AKC© club, we have a program for you too.

Equisure writes insurance in all 50 states and provides superior customer service with real people answering the phone (during business hours), and your choice of how you want to send or receive communications with us.