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General Liability (AKC Affiliated Dog Clubs)

Coverage Description:

The policy will protect the AKC affiliated club and its members, board members, officers and directors, against bodily injury and property damage to others which result from a club sponsored activity for which the club is legally liable and subject to all master policy exclusions and conditions.

Special Feature: Coverage is included for personal property (Care, Custody and Control) rented or loaned to the club for use in a dog show, up to a maximum of $25,000. The definition of personal property includes golf carts and ATV’s, but does not include automobiles.

Other Features Include:

Medical Payments

Member to Member Liability

Use of Aircraft or Boats


Obligation Under Workers Compensation

Use of Any Automobile

The above information is for illustration purposes and intends only to highlight program features. 
Please see the master policy for complete conditions, provisions and exclusions.



Accident Coverage including Accidental Death or Disablement


Coverage Description:

Provides coverage for accidental injuries sustained by members, volunteers, officials, and/or judges, while under the supervision or direction of an insured AKC affiliated Club at an AKC sponsored and/or Club sponsored event.

 Benefits: $40,000 Death Benefit
$40,000 Permanent Disability
$10,000 Medical Expense Limit, subject to a $100 Deductible
 Price Per Club: Included in Liability Premium


Special Features:

*  Coverage is excess coverage over any other valid and collectible insurance.

*  Provides $200 per week, up to a maximum 52 weeks, for temporary total disablement due to a covered accident. This benefit is not payable for the first seven days of each and every disablement.

Exclusions Include:

Included, but not limited to, dental treatment (except to sound, natural teeth injured by a covered accident), services or treatment rendered by a doctor or nurse that is part of the member’s immediate family, war or any act of war, replacement of any eyeglasses, any intentionally self inflicted injury, injury for which the insured is covered under any Worker’s Compensation or similar law, sickness or disease, bacterial infection other than bacterial infection from an accidental cut or wound, or that part of medical expenses for which mandatory automobile no-fault coverage applies.

This is a summary only and does not change or alter the coverage as provided under the actual insurance policy. It is designed to give a summary of coverage only. All policies are subject to the actual policy provisions, conditions and exclusions.