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Horse Mortality/Major Medical

This insurance policy protects the owner/lessor against the loss of a horse as a result of a covered accident, injury, illness or disease, while also providing coverage for theft of the horse. The premium is determined by a percentage of the horse’s value, as well as its intended use, breed, sex and age. Most policies are written on an agreed value basis and coverage is available in 50 states.

Why buy Equine Mortality Insurance? Horses can be very costly and valuable. This policy protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. You can also expand the protection with the following additional coverage options:

Equine Major Medical & Surgical
Emergency Colic Surgery
Loss of Use for horses that are “showing”
Twelve Month Extension or Guaranteed Renewal Endorsement at no additional premium
Guaranteed Renewal
Coverage Territory Extension
Overseas Transit Coverage

Coverage throughout the Continental United States, including transport.

We represent several insurance companies giving us the flexibility to tailor to your needs and to partner you with an insurance company that understands your passion.

Who should consider this coverage? Horse owners, horse lessors, horse lessees.